Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Girl

I've been eyeing this for a year!
Cant wait for it to come in the mail soon!

Isn't this pair of wedges absolutely stunning!
Their going to be mine soon!

The wedges above are simply to die for... they have it in red, cream, black and grey... I'm thinking of getting it in cream or black as I have surfed through my cupboard and I can;t find anything to match those grey beauties...

Life has been getting a little busy for me i have just recently started working at a yogurt shop called Red Mango Froyo.. the working environment is pretty okay.. just a little hectic during peak hours! Anyways.. as I'm working I have more $$$ to spare...which i will be saving up to spend on clothing (go-go vintage wear!) and to hold a flea again most probably in August (: Another piece of awesome news.. I'm finally on after dreaming for so many nights! YAY!

I am a happy girl :)

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