Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Or is it? somehow.. I don't feel so good about it

Monday, April 26, 2010

5 Reasons why its great to be small (or short)

1. you can squeeze through crowds
-especially useful during a mad sale!
2. you can wear big shirts as dresses
3. you can shop at the children's department -lower prices!
4.you can wear tiny shorts and not look slutty :p
5. you won't be taller than your boyfriend

p.s: FYI I'm only 152cm tall

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Gold Mind

Hey all, these are the recent loot of gold I gathered this week...I tried to make it look a little like a professional shot...but I dont think I got anywhere near there...

p.s: Manchester United beat Tottenham 3-1!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is it authentic?

Vintage! After doing a little bit of research online... I found out that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with Vintage... Infact there is a steady trend of growing vintage fans around the world! But that is not the focus of today's post..

Instead I would like to figure out some fire-proof ways of distinguishing true vintage pieces from those that are vintage inspired or counterfeits..Many a times I find myself wondering if the item I'm about to purchase is a true vintage piece... I feel really cheated if it isnt :C

I found some really useful websites that, I thought were really helpful:


www.ehow.com has some really wonderful stuff about vintage and thrift shops.. that I got really engrossed until I forgot about my post! Do check it out if you are interested in vintage and trying to hunt for some at local thrift stores (:

By the way... I went to Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun. last Saturday at F1 pit building and it was amazing! It was also really cool..as there were about a handful of shops selling vintage threads and accessories..I really liked some of the dresses...
moreover they were gping really cheap at $15! However... many of them didnt fit me or looked a little too costume like.. Vintage bags were many... but I didnt think it was right to splurge on them as I already had quite a collection going for myself... There was also polaroid cameras! going at a price of $60-$120!
I didnt have much cash at hand... so I didnt wanna get it :C

I saw a really pretty pair of sparkly vintage earrings I liked..but I felt they were a little over my budget so I didnt get them :C

In the end I got myself 2 hairpins, a cool leather belt with green polo men on it and a men's red shirt! Jerome and I also had our potraits painted!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Collection

Almost forgot about you! Irina loves her too!
One of Mummy's Old Bag
This Used to Belong to My Daddy;
I'm not sure if its really vintage maybe retro.
I use this to store either my laptop or school papers

Another Purchase from Salvation Army at - $8

The Label Says Pascalli, but I have no idea what is that...

Kenzo Satchel, Flea Buy
* most expensive purchase
Mummy's Old Bag
The leather strap is falling apart :C

Mummy's Old Clutch
She got it from a Garage Sale!

Seventeen Birthday Gift from Irina

"From Irina" Get it? :)
Hey there!I have been meaning to share about my tiny collection of Vintage Bags. I'm not even half sure if half of them are truly Vintage pieces. Like the Pascalli bag especially... but it looks really old school dont you think? I love that bag anyway! Its also the lastest edition to my collection. So this is my small but growing collection of Vintage Bags..What do you all think about it... I love my bags..I think each piece is unique and has its own sentimental value along with them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Twiggy rose to stardom at the mere age of 17 after appearing in the shop window of a hair salon..Since then she was dubbed the " Face of 66" Twiggy has since appeared in numerous magazine covers and even had her own clothing line... She is known for her trade mark crop hair and painting her own eyelashes below... something which was foreign to people then!
Well...I was drawned into the Twiggy phase when I saw this beautiful dress! Its a Vintage piece from Sears made for teenage girls going at $60.00 from http://www.dylan.sg Unfortunately, the price is a little steep for me and the material is a little too stuffy for sunny singapore.Thus, I wont be getting it.
However,I did manage to find other vintage shops online! I might purchase a few of them.. will post pictures of them if i do! Love you all!
p.s: I really need to dress this blog up a little

Monday, April 12, 2010

Every girl needs a...

Chanel! I believe a Chanel is a must have bag of every true fashionista.. Unfortunately my pockets aren't deep enough to actually purchase one for myself :C I adore the Chanel 2.55 as I think their absolutely the bag that takes you places and will look great both when your dressed to your nines or simply having a girl's day out... It brings your outfit up a notch..My mistake 10 notches!
And yes...it is true that more are getting educated on the value of a Chanel handbag...That things are starting to become a blah..with everyone toting around the same bag..For vintage girls like us...we turn to our mother of second hand and buy not what the masses have but a VINTAGE Chanel bag that is truly and uniquely ours.
I love vintage...and I think the older versions look prettier and carry more of Coco Chanel's flair.I really hope I can get a vintage chanel of my own someday.. plus the prices are much lower than the current one in stores..double the win!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


A close up of the fridge :D

I really envy your kitchen little man!

I always have a soft spot for red vintage items..

I absolutely love the wood in here and the pops of yellow :D

I like the way they organize the pictures on the wall...

Hello everybody! Although this blog was launched about a month ago! This is like my first official post about all things vintage.. Im currently in the mids of re-organizing my room so I thought I should share about the kinds of furniture that inspire me.. I would love to have some of these pieces in my house Especially the fridge and the phone :D Thats all for now!
With love,