Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lego anyone?

Hi...I know I have been absent here for a while... just thought I would pop in to share with anyone out there one of my obsession-Lego. I think my obsession started when I first saw Santhiya's Robyn Hood Lego Figurine! It was so adorable! That must have been like about 3-4 years ago! I love lego- the bold colours make everything look oh so retro :D me like
Actually.. I seem to lean more towards lego figurines as a whole... Their all so adorable! Plus... they come in so many different designs! Like pirates,cooks, racers and their latest edition ( or so I think) Toys Story 3!

OMG! Just look at the soldiers from the Toys Story 3 Collection! Their so cute!! Little Green Men which also somehow reminds me of my boy boy :D Im thinking of buying a set! Their going for like $27 ish...I think

And Lego is also seriously timeless! My students still talk to me anout lego all the time and how they built sets with their parents at home which I think is such a great family bonding idea and oh so adorable! In the future, Jerome and I would defintely be doing that with our son!

Lego FTW!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

vintage wheels

I've always had a thing for cars and vespas... especially vintage models! I think their so beautifully designed..and their shape has such edge.. I really wanna own one when I'm older! I pray that they don't go obscelete in the future..Sigh..we live in such an evolving sometimes i simply cant keep up either..
Anyways.. I wanna get both a vintage car and a vespa.. It would be really cool if Jerome and I could alternate between both or sth..but Jerome wants one of those flashy racing bikes.. I dunno.. I guess the first thing I have to do is to get my driver's licence first! which I am currently only in the theory segment..-_-"
Sighs.. Goodnight world! I'm sleepy! work tmw!